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       Whether you're coming to Canada for a holiday -- or leaving Canada for vacation or your trip of a lifetime, Bruce Bishop is ready to design a custom itinerary for you.  He was a freelance travel writer & author for over 20 years, so his globetrotting experience is ready to coordinate your well-deserved trip!
        It's the right time to visit Canada in 2016 with very favourable exchange rates for  our American friends...and still our currency can go far for Canadians departing for various international destinations, too. Where would you like to go in the world? 
Are travel agents a bit like 007? Scroll down to find out. 

Let's bring back the excitement of planning your very special trip!
Fifty years ago, long before the Internet, the travel agent worked mysteriously behind the scenes, as witnessed in this 1965 TV commercial.
Today, we can work with your travel knowledge and input, but as your professional travel consultant, we go even further with new technology to save you time and  money. has worldwide contacts at our fingertips, and we'll get amenities and amazing deals that you simply could not access on your own.

Where would you love to visit?
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